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LUNA: A Dream Born in Thailand

In 2014, Anna V traveled to Thailand in search of gold-marbled bamboo paper she had once heard of. With the help of an interpreter, she visited a village of artisan papermakers north of Chiang Mai. She observed their age-old techniques and returned to California with a suitcase full of their intricate, hand-marbled paper. She wasn’t sure what it would become, but she sensed that it was her destiny to create something with this rare paper. In September 2015, Anna transformed these papers into the LUNA collection.
The paper-making process is sustainable (trees are not cut down in the process) and offers a reliable livelihood to the expert papermakers.


About Anna V

Since as long as she can remember Anna V was obsessed with one thing: designing & creating. When she was 9 years old, she was pretty sure she had found her life's passion: folding origami paper cranes. Yes, that's all she wanted to do. After reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, she made a thousand of them herself. Anna V jewelry was born from this lifelong-love for working with intricate, rare papers. She launched her first store, Paper Anniversary, in 2013, and Anna V was launched in 2015. Anna's crane logo is a reminder of the crane, symbol of eternal love & good fortune. Today, Anna travels around the world, curating exotic papers that inspire her designs. She lives in beautiful San Francisco, California.   [Photo by Sam Breach]

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